Alternative Method for Busy Building Owners to Join the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign

U.S. DOE is now offering an alternative method for busy building owners to join the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign. As we wrote in our previous article, this campaign is designed to promote the use of energy-saving building analytics platforms, also known as energy management information systems, in commercial buildings. DOE says that these platforms can achieve 10-20 percent energy savings in commercial buildings.  Continue reading “Alternative Method for Busy Building Owners to Join the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign”

ASHRAE new Building EQ portal

As Designed Rating Now Live in ASHRAE’s Building EQ Portal

ASHRAE’s Building Energy Quotient (Building EQ) Portal provides a quick energy analysis that compares your building to similar buildings within the same climate, helps to identify means to improve your building’s energy performance, and provides data on Indoor Environmental Quality.  Continue reading “ASHRAE new Building EQ portal”

What Your Building Isn’t Telling You

In our analytical services business, we frequently find significant problems in commercial and industrial building HVAC systems that have probably gone unnoticed for some time. Many of these problems have resulted in wasted energy and other problems that can affect system reliability, performance and efficiency.  Continue reading “What Your Building Isn’t Telling You”

Take Action!

Executive summary

Buildings of today are much more than the shelter they provided in the 20th century. Buildings have become centers of productivity, places of learning, art and entertainment, and gathering places for our increasingly urban life. Innovation in architecture, construction techniques, and building materials are changing how we create these physical structures.

The occupants of these buildings–us humans–are evolving our use of the digital technology. Internet-delivered products and services are making our lives easier, more productive, and more enjoyable. Enterprises are also profiting from the increase in productivity through online tools such as ERP and CRM, as well as innovations such as supply chain, social media, and eCommerce.  Continue reading “Take Action!”

Building Blocks For The New Deal

The New Deal is built on three critically important building blocks: BACnet open standard, model-based analytics, and service transparency.

Individually, these bring lots of value, but delivered in combination; they provide a powerful and compelling roadmap for getting the most from today’s and tomorrow’s buildings. More importantly, these attributes serve to improve the relationship between vendors and owners, as well as contributing to improving their respective businesses.  Continue reading “Building Blocks For The New Deal”