Cimetrics’ mission is to help improve competitive advantage and performance of its customers by providing cost saving and revenue enhancing value propositions. We do so through continuous innovation in the areas of interoperability and advanced analytics of physical world sensor and actuator data.

Our History

Cimetrics’ journey began with providing industry leading 3rd party BACnet protocol stack, networking and metering products. In the mid 90s, Cimetrics launched Infometrics, fault detection and diagnostic technology and services targeting commercial and industrial building owners and providing value propositions in energy savings, sustainability, tenant comfort and regulatory compliance.

In 2014, Cimetrics launched Analytika, which extends the analytics capabilities to manufacturing process management and provides software as a service value propositions in the areas predictive maintenance, process reliability and quality improvement. Today, Analytika for Internet of Things, provides model-based analytics that enable of variety of value propositions for providers and customers of manufactured products and engineered systems.