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Analytika expands its partnerships with utility incentive programs to help our clients achieve energy-efficient building operation

This summer, Cimetrics became part of the PECO Smart Ideas Trade Ally Program and became a PEPCO Approved Service Provider. Through these incentive programs, Cimetrics will be able to further support our mid-Atlantic clients’ energy reduction goals by minimizing the financial commitment required for the Analytika monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) service and the implementations of the energy saving opportunities we identify.

PEPCO Energy Savings Program

Through the PEPCO Energy Savings program for C&I businesses, the Cimetrics Analytika team submitted incentive applications on behalf of our client at a 380,000 square foot government lab building in Maryland. The Analytika AFDD (automatic fault detection and diagnostics) software, in parallel with our dedicated senior data analyst, identified faulty and aging economizer equipment and inefficient sequences of operations. By coordinating with the building managers, operators, and third-party contractors, the Cimetrics analyst facilitated the remediation of these faults. This collaborative approach ensures the client achieves the identified $55,000 per year in annual avoided energy costs.

By providing detailed, robust, and transparent energy cost calculations based on data from the Cimetrics Analytika MBCx program, as well as collaborating with the utility incentive program administrators, Cimetrics ensured the client will achieve all available utility incentives that reimburse the cost of the repair. The PEPCO program also incentivizes the installation and ongoing costs of monitoring-based commissioning programs such as Analytika.

Analytika helps with utility incentives
The Cimetrics Analytika MBCx program, using AFDD, identified faulty outside air dampers and an inefficient economizer sequence of operations that was costing the client over $55,000/year in excess cooling energy. By helping our client repair these faults and apply for the PEPCO utility incentive, Cimetrics was not only able to help our client achieve safer and more energy-efficient building operation, but also recoup the cost of their investment.

The Analytika team is additionally working with Washington Gas to secure an incentive for the installation of a high-efficiency dedicated summer condensing boiler. This will allow the main plant boilers to remain off during summer mode of operation, thus reducing natural gas consumption. The total annual energy savings associated with this project is $12,000 per year. Cimetrics can provide the measurement and verification of the equipment operation and energy savings calculations required to support the incentive application.

PECO Incentive Program

Through the PECO incentive program, the Cimetrics Analytika team submitted incentive applications on behalf of our client at a large pharmaceutical campus in the greater Philadelphia region. Through the Analytika MBCx program, the Cimetrics analyst worked with the client team to update inefficient economizer operation and incorporate an equipment schedule in a recreation building (auditorium, fitness center, conference rooms). In addition to the $6,000 per year in annual avoided energy costs the client has achieved by correcting the faults identified by Analytika, the cost of the repair and the Analytika service will be reimbursed by the incentive program.

These programs are just two examples of how Cimetrics is collaborating with municipal and state incentive program administrators to support our clients in implementing the energy reduction measures identified by the Analytika service and ensure they recoup the cost of their investment.

Contact us to learn more about how Cimetrics Analytika can help you get the most out of your local utility incentive programs. 

Learn more about the Mass Save ESPO utility incentive program for Massachusetts businesses.

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