The Analytika platform is the culmination of Cimetrics’ 25 years of innovation and industry leadership in physical world data networks, management, and analytics – now known as the Internet of Things, or IoT.

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What our customers say about us:


“Over the past 11 years of working with Cimetrics, we have been extremely pleased with the services provided. We at Sanofi, have been able to cut our energy consumption and cost significantly while meeting critical greenhouse gas reduction goals. Your service provides us with the critical information required to mitigate operational risk in critical manufacturing areas relating to maintaining environmental control. Proactively understanding issues critical to us and your quick turn-key solutions have helped us not only address non-transparent operational issues but has helped us receive significant rebates from our utility providers.” – Steven Driver, Global Energy Program Director, Sanofi


Bucknell University

“Bucknell has been using Analytika (and its predecessor) since 2003. We initially used it in lieu of conventional commissioning for new construction projects to identify operational issues year-round. We still use it to some extent in that capacity but also for existing buildings to identify equipment faults and energy savings opportunities.” – James Knight, Director for Energy & Utilities, Bucknell University

Bucknell University

Large Commercial Office building

“We really appreciate the level of support you have provided us in 2019. We have been able to make operational decisions based off the data provided to be more efficient and identify faults prior to them affecting our continuous operation. The fact that you not only provide the data but assist with the analysis and customize the reporting to our needs sets your service above others that I have used in the past! It is greatly appreciated and we hope to continue this level of service into 2020.” – Operations Manager, large commercial office building

Multi-Campus Hospital Enterprise

“The Cimetrics Analytika software uses our very sophisticated building automation systems to find energy-saving opportunities with our equipment. The Analytika process not only helps us find existing energy wasting problems with our equipment, it can also “predict” a problem and can identify where a problem exists but is “hiding”. By engaging with our facilities maintenance to actively operate their buildings efficiently since 2013, the enterprise-wide ongoing commissioning program has implemented ECMs that account for over $1.2 million in avoided energy cost. The reduction in CO2 from our reduced energy use is over 10,000 Metric Tons, the equivalent of taking 2,150 cars off the road for a year.”- Director of Energy Management

Analytika For Buildings

Provides energy savings, sustainability and tenant comfort to energy, facility and sustainability managers.

Analytika for Process

Provides quality risk management, regulatory compliance and improved process reliability for leading Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences organizations and manufacturers.

Analytika for Industrial IoT

Serves the needs of designers, manufacturers, and users of smart products and engineered systems.

Analytika For Services

Combined with unique Professional Services from Analytika, building and asset owners will enjoy significant improvements in the performance of those buildings and other assets.