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  • Our next session will be on:
  • Thursday, January 21, 2021 10-11 AM EST
  • Focus Topic: Getting Results
  • You’ve successfully launched Analytika at your facility. Now what? Learn about the practices our clients use to review their data, decide which issues to prioritize, and see results from their Analytika installation!
  • As always, there will be “Fun with Graphs!” and Q&A segments to answer any questions you have about Cimetrics Analytika.
  • Learn from Cimetrics Experts and Analytika Power Users
  • Best practices demonstrated live
  • Guidance on resolving challenges
  • Share and learn about unique cases and experiences

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November 2020 Meeting Recap

We had an informative and inspiring launch to our Analytika Users Forum! Thanks to all who attended and shared their experiences rolling out Analytika across their campuses, using Analytika to prioritize and justify capital projects, and achieving utility incentives through Analytika’s recommendations and analyst support.
We demonstrated the use of the Analytika Utility Manager to track expected and unexpected changes in your meter readings during COVID and beyond, using the Analytika task assignment and tracking feature for resource deploymentidentifying faulty outdoor air sensors that could affect sequences of operations, and more!
You can view the presentation slides from the forum here.

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