Comprehensive Building Analytics

Big Data Analytics in Laboratories presentation at GLOBALCON

Presenter: David S. Landman, C.E.M. Chief of Energy Engineering & Analytics Performance Cimetrics, Inc.

Co Presenter: Randolph L. Haines, C.E.M., B.E.P., C.L.E.P., C.M.V.P., C.S.D.P. Energy Manager Thomas Jefferson University

Fault Detection and Diagnostics of Big Data-Results on a campus. Buildings are not performing as well as they could perform, resulting in wasted energy, climate control problems, code and compliance issues. Building commissioning is a process that is intended to ensure that building systems function efficiently and satisfy the operational needs for the building. There are several types of building commissioning:

  1. New building commissioning
  2. Retrocommissioning: retroactive commissioning of an existing building
  3. Recommissioning: commissioning a building that was previously commissioned
  4. Ongoing commissioning: a commissioning process that is intended to continuously improve or maintain a building’s performance Over time, the performance of building systems and equipment degrades for a number of reasons. An ongoing building commissioning process enables facility engineering and maintenance staff to detect and diagnose problems as they arise, and to maximize the performance of existing building equipment and systems as buildings evolve. How does it work? A FDD program provides powerful algorithm-based analysis of continuously collected data from building automation systems. Valuable periodic reports enable owners to optimize efficiency and comfort, lower maintenance costs, and effectively manage facility staff and contractors. Examples will show results in large energy intensive buildings at Thomas Jefferson University.

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