Heat Recovery Performance Verification

Four (4) large air handling units (AHUs) in one of the buildings have heat recovery; however, only two (2) were operating efficiently.

The heat recovery system supplies a 50% glycol solution to the four (4) heat recovery coils in AHU-1A, AHU-1B, AHU-1C, and AHU-1D. The system utilizes a single 100 HP constant flow pump which operates when the outside air temperature decreases below 54°F and is disabled when the outside air temperature rises above 55°F.  Continue reading “Heat Recovery Performance Verification”

The Leaking Preheat Valve Mystery

This leaking preheat valve case is unique. It is a rare issue due to the site location and the conditions under which it occurred, and it took time and collaboration to solve. It required both data analysis and field investigation to identify the fault and determine the root cause.  Continue reading “The Leaking Preheat Valve Mystery”

Inlet guide vanes not operating correctly

Two large air handlers (AHUs) in the building with inlet guide vanes (IGVs) were operating at higher flows than required.  This issue was not detected at the site as adequate temperature and humidity conditions were maintained in the zones. However, Analytika determined that zone conditions were not being achieved in the most efficient way possible.  Continue reading “Inlet guide vanes not operating correctly”