Medtronic North Haven wins the AEE 2021 Regional Award for Corporate Energy Management with Cimetrics Analytika

Congratulations to Medtronic North Haven for winning the AEE 2021 Regional Award for Corporate Energy Management! The Association of Energy Engineers, a nonprofit professional association of over 18,000 members, presents these awards to individuals and organizations around the world for their dedication and performance in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry. Cimetrics is honored to be the monitoring-based commissioning provider for Medtronic since 2013.

Medtronic is among the largest medical device companies in the world with a mission to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. Medtronic produces medical technologies that treat 70 health conditions and therapies that help 72 million people a year. The Medtronic North Haven facility’s energy optimization strategy has resulted in $1.2 million in avoided recurring annual energy costs and 5,500 Metric Tons of mitigated CO2 through ongoing monitoring-based commissioning without sacrificing their production timeline and quality. These energy reduction measures help push Medtronic closer to its corporate goal of becoming carbon neutral in their operations by FY30. By integrating sustainability into their global performance management decision-making process, Medtronic has created healthier workplaces, improved risk management, realized energy reduction cost savings, and minimized waste and pollution. 

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Analytika Users Forum September 2021

Join us as we kick off Year 2 of the

Analytika Users Forum! 

Learn how to get the most out of Cimetrics ANALYTIKA to create safe, reliable, energy-efficient buildings at our next session on Thursday, September 23 at 11am – noon EST.

During this interactive session, panelists Dean Taylor of Cimetrics and Randy Haines of Jefferson will demonstrate their approach to engagement, implementation, and utility incentives over the 7-year partnership between Cimetrics and Jefferson.  The Cimetrics and Jefferson team worked together to develop a process that helped facilitate expansion from the downtown Philadelphia campus into 8 million square feet across 50+ buildings and 12 sites, resulting in over $2million/year in annual avoided energy costs and $125,000 in utility rebates.

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Green Building United’s 11th Annual Sustainability Symposium!

Green Building United is hosting its 11th Annual Sustainability Symposium on September 19. Green Building United promotes the development of buildings that are sustainable, healthy for inhabitants, resilient, and cost effective. Through education, advocacy, and strategic initiatives Green Building United informs and engages individuals and organizations to transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built, and operated. 

This year’s conference, which will take place at Penn State at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, focuses on equitable decarbonization.

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Webinar: Achieve Efficiency, Sustainability, Reliability & MBCx Goals Using ANALYTIKA

Our Manager of Client Operations Tim Griffin will present to NYC folks on June 16. Even if you are not in New York you can benefit from learning about the benefits of Commissioning (Cx) and Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx), including:

✓ Energy Reduction
✓ GHG Reduction
✓ Risk Mitigation
✓ Increased Reliability
✓ Increased Comfort

This event will include a live demonstration of the Cimetrics Analytika Portal, an online MBCx solution for building owners and operators, with a focus on opportunities and incentives in New York City.


Best Practices Guide: Predictive Maintenance Using Automatic Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Our Senior Data Analyst, Julianne Rhoads created a guide as a part of I2SL Best Practices.  Best Practice Guides and Technical Bulletins provide information on the design, construction, and operation of specific technologies that contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability in laboratories. The guides include information from actual implementation of these technologies in various laboratory facilities by highlighting quantifiable performance goals and possible methods to achieve them.

The Predictive Maintenance Using Automatic Fault Detection and Diagnostics guide shows how the big data analytics revolution has enabled true predictive maintenance on a large scale.  Users of predictive maintenance analytics can now reap the benefits of cost savings and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, increased reliability, prolonged equipment life, and reduced risk of process disruptions. A future opportunity to further increase the effectiveness of predictive maintenance systems is integration with enterprise asset management systems. Although this may seem simple at first, there is currently a need for a human decision maker to add business insight as to what maintenance investments should be made.

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