Cimetrics Guidelines for COVID-19 Response

Updated September 2020

Workers in commercial buildings may be at risk for exposure to the virus that causes coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is not yet fully understood, and as such, guidelines and recommendations on risk mitigation are constantly changing. Air distribution through HVAC systems may be a transmission vector of coronavirus.

Cimetrics developed this document to summarize current recommendations in the United States from ASHRAE and CDC related to air distribution systems, quantify the financial and operational impact of those recommendations, and demonstrate how building analytics can be used to facilitate decision-making and operational management. This document will be revised as recommendations are updated and new technology is developed and tested.

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Massachusetts Clean Energy Day June 30, 2020

NECEC, the Northeast Clean Energy Council, and NECEC Institute invite for a Virtual Clean Energy Day on Tuesday, June 30, bringing together clean energy business leaders with legislators and policymakers to discuss the most pressing energy and climate policy issues facing Massachusetts.

Also, this day Green Energy Consumer’s Alliance holds a webinar to learn how to purchase clean electricity in Massachusetts and make a difference in the way we source our electricity. 

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Webinar: Data Analytics & Predictive Maintenance in HVAC Systems

Here is a video of a webinar hosted by AEE Greater Philadelphia Chapter and presented by Cimetrics, Inc.

Analytics can Target Energy Savings Opportunities as well
as Predict Impending System Failures to Achieve Improved
Energy Efficiency, Comfort and Sustainability.

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