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Pneumatic actuator leak

Example of Fault Detection and Diagnostics: Pneumatic actuator leak and Filters in Alarm

Pneumatic actuator leak

The building HVAC systems are controlled via a DDC front end connected to pneumatic actuators out in the field.  The heating and cooling valves for a large 100% outdoor air-handling unit (AHU) were operating off of a common pneumatic air feed to the valve actuators.  The pneumatic line developed an air leak that caused the actuators to not open and close correctly.

This fault was not detected on-site. However, this problem was detected by Analytika algorithms, reported to the site, and corrected in a timely fashion.

Pneumatic actuator leak


Cimetrics worked with MPC facilities personnel to fix the pneumatic leak and optimize the discharge air temperature setpoint.

Annual energy savings achieved: $46,731

Annual carbon emissions reduction: 404 metric tons

Filters in Alarm

As part of the ongoing fault detection and diagnostic service, MPC looks to Cimetrics for Vendor Management.  Several filters were identified in alarm 100% of the time, as seen in this figure.

Air Filters


Cimetrics worked with MPC staff and their controls vendor to replace filters, investigate other equipment in alarm by priority, with safety, and code related alarms being addressed in a more efficient manner throughout all three campuses.

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