Analytika for Industrial IoT provides model-based analytics that go beyond statistical and other traditional analytical methods. Models representing the underlying physics of the product or engineered system, allow deeper understanding of cause and effect.
Sophisticated algorithms analyze incoming data, identify opportunities and determine root cause. Actionable insights are delivered through rich, web-based visualizations and notifications.

Key Values Delivered

Operational lifecycle management
Operational lifecycle management
Analytika improves efficiency and prolongs service life, regardless of whether our client’s product is an industrial product, like an oil well service pump, a system, like a bioreactor in a biotechnology manufacturing process, or a complex system of systems, like a building or oil pipeline. Analytika connects to these operational systems securely and provides information and insights about how the “thing” is performing in the field. Analytika for IoT predicts when maintenance is required, determines what spare parts and consumables are needed and when they must be procured, and how the “thing” should operate to ensure reliability, long life and cost efficiency.Quality Risk Management in compliance with international guidelines like ICH Q9 and ASTM-E2500 enabling risk based, continuous and periodic review of direct impact systems.

Customer and product segmentation
Customer and product segmentation
Analytika for IoT provides unprecedented access and insight into how end customers are using our client’s product or engineered system. This information allows clients to better segment their customer base and it informs the design of future products that are targeted at finer customer segments, hence enhancing competitive advantage.

Product as a service
Product as a service
Innovative manufacturers are going beyond operating lifecycle management and optimization of their field service delivery model, to rethinking how value is delivered to their customer. Analytika for IoT provides the capability to analyze product and field service data and to derive insights about how the product is being utilized and what value is being delivered to the end user. Such insights enable manufacturers to deliver “products as a service”, enabling new recurring revenue streams. For example, using Analytika, a manufacturer of MRI equipment is able to deliver images as a service.

Our Approach

Analytika for Industrial IoT

1. Extract
Extract and assess available data from various sources including: Data bases, CMMS, Process Automation, Building Automation, Excel etc.
2. Explore
Explore and create models using: Linear regression, Correlation and regression trees (CART), Random Forest, Text analytics and Analytika – model-based analytics.
3. Advise
Combine years of engineering expertise with leading-edge analytics to identify opportunities for value creation and provide actionable recommendations.
4. Implement
Develop technology system, business and people processes to support ongoing operations.