Comprehensive Building Analytics

Large Research University in the Midwest saves $683,932 in annual energy costs while improving comfort, sustainability, and competing with other large universities in reducing energy intensity.

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The Challenge

LRU environmental sustainability goals include minimizing environmental impacts and maximizing resource conservation by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and pursuing building and utility systems that encourage the use of renewable resources, employ energy conservation and optimization, as a participant in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge.

To this end, LRU was interested in implementing energy conservation measures and technologies, which help achieve these goals while taking into account LRU specific needs.

Results achieved

• Energy savings financial summary

• Energy savings: $683,932 (annual)

• Simple payback: 0.22 years

• Net present value: $1,475,779

• Other operational benefits

• Energy intensity reduction

• Each closed fume hood saves 50,000 lbs of CO2 in a year or 60% on energy.

• Resource management. Utilized impact analysis to prioritize workload for internal maintenance staff and contracted controls personnel, and maximize progress towards corporate goals.

• Environmental stewardship.

• Social responsibility in the community.

• Coordination with EH&S staff to reduce air changes per hour and maintain safe working environment.

• Improved central plant load capacity across campus building loops.


Cimetrics worked with LRU staff and the controls vendor to inspect and fix this AHU and other AHUs where the dampers/valves were not operating correctly, causing simultaneous heating and cooling.

Additionally, this reduced building’s heating and cooling demand and allowed for additional heating and cooling capacity to other buildings fed by the steam and chilled water loops.

Energy savings for solution: $9,776 (annual)

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