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A New Deal for Buildings A White Paper from CABA

Redefining how we build, manage and maintain facilities in the 21st century

The past decades have brought about dramatic developments in technology, business practices, and approaches. Today, the building automation industry is grappling with the impending disruption brought about by information technology, specifically the “digitalization of everything” under the moniker of the Internet of Things.

In mid-2017, Cimetrics saw the need to start a new discussion on how the industryNewDeal should best adapt itself in the age of data. We started an online blog A New Deal for Buildings. The blog became the inspiration for a white paper to be created under the auspices and guidance of CABA (the Continental Automated Building Association), the industry body that lies at the center of industry discussion, education, and advancement.

The authors of the CABA white paper are made up of key thought leaders and CABA members. Their objective was that the paper lays out the background, issues, tenets, driving forces and specific actions for the industry to take. The authors know that they are not omniscient and seek input from all in the industry to further the mission of the New Deal.

The white paper was released at the recent AHR Expo in Chicago. The paper received strong positive reviews by the industry, with many indicating that it will form a roadmap in how they propose intelligent building solutions, leveraging the immense power of analytics to create value from service transparency.

Presentation NewDeal blog

From left: Anto Budiardjo (New Deal blog), John Petze (SkyFoundry),
Jim Lee (Cimetrics), and Ron Zimmer (CABA).

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