Comprehensive Building Analytics

Research University

Analytics for ProcessesResearch University saves $787,547 in annual energy costs while improving comfort, sustainability and capital asset reliability.


This university (RU)* is composed of more than a dozen academic schools with a goal to preserve and spread information. The campus includes labs, libraries, museums, and administrative offices. More than ten thousands students are currently enrolled. In an effort to improve sustainability, focus is placed on innovation to improve operational efficiency. RU plans to continually advance  its environmentally friendly mission while expanding their campus.

*Due to confidentiality agreements, we are not able to provide the client name. We will refer to the firm as RU throughout this case study.

The Challenge

RU has a goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by forty percent below 2005 levels by 2020. RU was interested in implementing energy conservation measures, installing new technologies, using cleaner fuels, encouraging behavioral changes, and adhering to sustainable construction and renovation standards.

Cimetrics’ Solution

Cimetrics was selected to provide it’s Analytika Pro solution for nine buildings at RU’s campus in the Northeastern United States. The buildings included research laboratories, studio art space, classrooms, and library facilities. Cimetrics collaborated with RU and their building automation system provider to connect to and collect sensor and actuator data from over 11,425 physical points. Data was collected every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for a total of approximately 1.1 million data samples per day from the following systems: 3 boilers, 51 air handling units, 201 laboratory fume hoods, 206 zones, 41 pumps and motors, and other miscellaneous equipment. Over 900

Analytika software algorithms then analyzed the data to identify opportunities to reduce energy, environmental, maintenance, operations and regulatory costs. Analytika also uncovered potential equipment problems, opportunities for profitable retrofit projects, occupant comfort improvement, and operational uptime improvements.

Experienced Cimetrics engineers leveraged Analytika software to identify opportunities, determine root cause and calculate annual impact. Actionable recommendations were documented and provided to the client both through online and offline channels. Cimetrics’ role didn’t end at recommendations.

Cimetrics engineers engaged with the client team on a regular basis to help answer questions, to coordinate implementation and to provide regular feedback on progress towards targeted results. This business process helped achieve over 85% implementation of recommended actions