Your building automation and process control systems and other operational systems churn out reams of data that can be put to better use for monitoring and managing your critical manufacturing processes. Cimetrics applies rich, time-tested technology and expert engineering resources to ensure these critical systems continue to operate within validated parameters. Predictive analytics are utilized to provide early warning and actionable recommendations before parameter drift causes quality problems, downtime, process disruptions and waste.

Our Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences clients utilize Analytika for Process to enable various business and regulatory processes including Key Values Delivered. If you are looking for a partner with deep technology and domain expertise to develop a solution that will help you to realize your process reliability and quality goals, drop us a note as we welcome opportunities to co-develop these offerings.

Key Values Delivered

Expert Process and Quality Engineering Support
Expert Process and Quality Engineering Support
Quality Risk Management in compliance with international guidelines like ICH Q9 and ASTM-E2500 enabling risk based, continuous and periodic review of direct impact systems.

Increased Process Reliability and Quality
Increased Process Reliability and Quality
Ongoing monitoring of direct and indirect systems such as high purity water systems, bioreactors and chromatography enabling predictive maintenance, reduced downtime and technical team efficiency.

Improved Facilities and Energy Management
Improved Facilities and Energy Management
Full integration with Analytika for Buildings enabling more efficient facilities operations and energy management.

How It Works

1. Collect

Analytika connects to your building and process automation systems as well as critical measurement sensors and devices, regardless of vendor or geographical location, and automatically collects and transmits that data to our cloud-based datacenter.

2. Analyze

Our industry-leading modeling and fault detection engine combines big data machine analysis with engineering expertise to perform sophisticated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) and predictive analytics on your real-time and historical data, uncovering and addressing issues before they cause quality problems, process disruptions and waste.

3. Control

Analytika experts armed with sophisticated software, are constantly monitoring your systems and have the information and expertise to help ensure that issues are brought to your attention early and resolved effectively.

4. Advise

Summary reports and dashboards are provided for management visibility and planning.