Analytika provides you with continuous analysis of building system data, insightful, actionable results via our online portal, and the hands-on support of an industry expert who acts as your personal advisor.

Key Benefits and Functionality


Analytika allows you to pinpoint system anomalies before they result in mechanical failures, it reveals opportunities for meaningful, cost-effective improvements, and even models your building system to pre-test changes and improvements before the work is scheduled. When you do make improvements, your advisor will help guide the process and ensure the success and quality of the Buildings Systems Expert Support.

Buildings Systems Expert Support

Analytika’s experts are there to help you derive the greatest possible value from your building system. They provide the information, hands-on attention and expertise you need to implement improvements and ensure they are carried out appropriately and effectively.

Insightful, Actionable Results

Using over 2,500 proprietary algorithms developed and rigorously tested over many years, our experts generate results detailing specific, actionable recommendations that help you sustainably optimize your building performance.

Monitoring Based Commissioning

Analytika’s around-the-clock data analysis empowers you with the information necessary to ensure the optimal performance of your building systems over time. It allows you to understand and manage building operations on a proactive basis, keeping equipment running at near optimal efficiency and identifying potential problems before they result in downtime.

Energy Savings

Our recommendations help to prioritize energy savings, achieve Greenhouse Gas reduction goals, and maximize utility rebates without negatively affecting occupant comfort, productivity or regulatory compliance. Your staff can now efficiently act to optimize equipment performance.

Reach Sustainability Goals

Analytika’s technology enables you to pinpoint areas of unnecessary energy loss and take the steps to begin running at optimal efficiency. Implementing Analytika’s recommendations can extend the life and improve the performance of your building systems, reducing energy usage and lifecycle costs, and allowing you to meet your sustainability goals now and well into the future.

Work Smartly

Analytika ensures your facilities management resources are focused on tasks that will yield the greatest return. It empowers your team with the specific information needed to take a proactive rather reactive approach to the upkeep and improvement of your building systems.

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