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Simultaneous heating and cooling issue

Simultaneous heating and cooling issue

In this example we will show you how Analytika service helped to solve simultaneous heating and cooling issue.

The Air handler (AHU) discharge air temperature (DAT) setpoint was overridden from the sequence of operation and reduced from 55˚F to 51˚F. As a result, the cooling coil valve was opening to maintain the lower DAT and consequently requiring additional heating downstream. This resulted in additional heating and cooling costs.

This issue was not noticeable in the zones due to proper zone temperature control and lack of comfort complaints; however, it was identified with Analytika.

Simultaneous heating and cooling issue

Cimetrics worked with the controls vendor to restore the discharge air temperature of this AHU to 55˚F. This resulted in appropriate temperatures at all locations using less cooling and heating energy.
Additionally, a discharge air temperature reset routine was initiated to further maximize savings and improve system operations.

Energy savings for solution: $16,490

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