Ongoing commissioning is not always about the Energy Savings

Since 2009 New York City has required commercial buildings larger than 50,000 ft2 to be retro-commissioned or ‘tuned-up’ every ten years based on the premise that a commissioned building is a more energy efficient building.

That’s true, a commissioned building is more efficient, but there is a lot more ‘value’ when looking at the big picture.

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Building analytics then and now.

I recently purchased a virtual reality (VR) headset and used it to visit places around the world in Google Earth. I flew over petabytes of data towards South America and began searching for Huanchay, a small district 8,500 feet high in the mountains of Huaraz, Peru. The remote village has just one main road and is not an impressive showcase of VR technology. I knew there would be no street views or panoramic photos of Huanchay. I was looking for a grainy satellite image of a 600 square foot adobe house that I helped design and build 8 years ago while getting my master’s degree in solar energy engineering at UMass Lowell.

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